Specializing in creative services for fashion, lifestyle & wellness clients, Weidner offers consulting,  styling and creative direction for photo shoots, social media, film/motion and events, as well as private client and celebrity styling. With a wide network of creatives at her disposal, Weidner provides the added value of connecting her clients with top-level photographers, producers, casting directors, talent, hair & makeup artists, set designers and public relations specialists. She is based in New York City. 

Email  studio@carrieweidner.com

Instagram  @carrieweidner

Select Clients  Teen Vogue,  Interview Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, The New York Times Style Magazine , Theory, Adidas, Uniqlo, Refinery29.

Sustainability Weidner supports designers committed to sustainable & ethical practices, and encourages conservation of resources in everyday life, such as  buying less and supporting resale, vintage & thrift store channels. She is also the founder of Tennis Recycles, an organization devoted to making tennis a greener sport. 

Special projects upon request.